It is rightly said that one should ‘Spend on Experience, not things.’ Indian youth is doing just that. The joy of finding new places, trying new things, exploring new cultures and coming back with a box full of memories is too precious than some branded jeans. India is a diversified country with places very much unlike each other. You can trek in the highest of mountains in the Himalayas, walk on the… Read More

Places to see and things to do in South Tyrol, Italy especially during summer.

It was our return from Delhi to Pune and the very first stop we planned was Kumbhalgarh. It has the second largest stretch of wall in the world after the “Great Wall of China” and some places you may find written as “The Great Wall of India”. Through some narrow roads towards the end, it was sometime by noon when we reached Kumbhalgarh. There are fewer hotels available to stay but good… Read More

What to see in one day in Rome. A summary to make the best of Rome.