Half Day Road Trip From Pune To Bhigwan


We got to know from several posts about Bhigwan for migratory birds, so we also planned to visit this place. Bhigwan is well known as a sanctuary for migratory birds. It’s a small village which is approximately 110 km away from Pune and located on Pune – Solapur Highway. The exact name of the bird watching place is Dikshal. You can ask local villagers for this place once you take a left turn from the highway if coming from Pune.

Dikshal is just 2 km away from Bhigwan. The backwater area of Ujjani dam is spread across the town of Bhigwan where migratory birds come every year starting from late October till mid of February. One of the main attractions during the migratory season is the arrival of the greater pink flamingos. This place is crowded by bird lovers, photographers.

Pune Bhigwan – Pune

It was an 110 km stretch from “Pune to Bhigwan”. We started early morning at 4:30 am from Pune. Since it was December, the wind was very cold but we were prepared with our jackets. We faced very less traffic due to early morning and reached Bhigwan at 6:00 am. Google map helped us to reach there. Once we entered the village, we asked the locals where we can see the migratory birds. But they do not understand Hindi or English. So we asked for “Pakshi” 😛 or Rohit bird (Marathi name of Greater Flamingo bird).

I would recommend people to visit at the same time as we reached at the golden hour. Sun was rising, villagers were preparing for fishing, very peaceful and such a refreshing atmosphere.

Backwaters in Bhigwan.jpg
Sun rise at Bhigwan
People fishing at Bhigwan

You can rent a boat for 200 rs per person to see the migratory birds. You can do photography while you are on the boat. For photography, I would suggest being geared up with zoom lenses to capture flamingos. Because the boats are always kept at a distance as they might fly away. The boat-man took us for a good scenic view quite inside the backwater. It was just water all over and lots of birds. You can see many types of Ducks, Strocks, Waders, Egrets, Herons and many other species of birds along with a group of pink flamingos which attracts photographers for wild life photography.

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