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We were so looking forward to some awesome time while watching the ICC finals. The match got bitter but the food came to the rescue. We ordered superfit Paneer salad, Paneer over loaded sandwich, Paneer tikka biryani, Double choco chip muffin and Gulab jamun ice cream. We got a masala lemonade, moong daal halwa as a surprise delivery. 🙂

Box8 Sampling Goodies

The salad was amazing as usual. I love the marinated paneer cubes along with crunchy veggies tossed in mildly spiced yogurt dressing. I tend to order it quite often for a change of home made regular ones. The biryani was delivered super hot accompanied with raita on the side. Long aromatic rice with generous paneer tikka and masala. Not too spicy not mild as well. Another one was Paneer overloaded sandwich. Surprisingly it had no paneer at all! Apart from this factor, it was nice with lots of filling. Baby corn, mushrooms, jalapeños, sweet corn with a balanced amount of Sauces. All their sandwiches are multi grain and fresh. The only thing is that they tend to get soggy when delivered.

Superfit Paneer SaladPaneer Overload Sandwich

The masala lemonade was quite nice, chilled and refreshing. Paired quite well with the Sandwich. Now coming to the awesome desserts 🙂 The double choco chip muffin was so delicious. Soft, moist and so chocolatey. It was a treat, so good! I have tried their moong daal halwa before too. It was fresh, flavorful and warm. But surely I enjoyed the muffin more. 😛

Double Choco Chip MuffinMoong Dal HalwaPaneer Tikka Biryani

And, the dessert we were looking forward to. Gulab jamun ice cream! So technically many of us must have tried the hot gulab jamun combo with vanilla ice cream but it was something unique and I instantly wanted to try it. And, it was heavenly! I would recommend everyone to try it out. Chunks of gulab jamun infused with creamy vanilla icecream. It was a satisfying meal and a happy Sunday dinner.

Gulab Jamun Icecream

All in all. I think they need to work in bringing preciseness in the order (paneer missing) and adhering to the delivery schedule.

P.s: Being a super foodie at Zomato, I was contacted by Box8 to review their food.

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