Mojo Pizza Review

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Mojo pizza to do a sampling of their food. I decided to get the food delivered in the evening and decided to get surprised. I told the representative to send me what she likes. The food got delivered little before time which is fine. It was piping hot.

So we got a portion of Cheese Garlic Bread, Crowded House Pizza (cheese blast), Paneer Tikka Pizza (cheese blast) and Chocolate Brownie.

Cheese Garlic Bread: It was freshly made with good amount of cheese and herbs. I would have liked it more toasted since it became little soggy in between of delivery.

Crowded House Pizza: I liked this one quite a lot. Nice base, not too dry, not too soft. loaded with lots of veggies.

Paneer Tikka Pizza: The base was same as of Crowded House Pizza which I liked. Otherwise it was okay. The paneer cubes were grilled, quite flavorful.

As an improvement I think, they need to put little more pizza sauce because I found the pizzas tad-bit bland if the chosen toppings are not that spicy.

Chocolate Brownie: It was the star of this set of sampling. Very nice and soft. The portion size was very good too. Chocolaty and very moist. I really loved it. Would highly recommend. 🙂

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