Necklace Point – A Day Trip near Pune

This was a long-awaited day trip for us after installing a dog box on our bike and we were very excited to take our dog “Jenny” on the bike. Since it was the very first ride for Jenny to ride in a dog box, we decided to go for a short ride to gain some confidence and her comfort for the longer rides later. For this destination, one side distance was 45 – 50 km.

This time the place we decided to go to was Necklace point. Necklace point is near Bhatgar dam in Bhor area, it’s a location where Nira river and Gunjawani river embrace each other at a prominent place and create a Necklace shaped meander. That’s how this scenic viewpoint got its name as the Necklace point. It’s a maximum 2 hours drive from Pune that can be reached via two ways – one through Saswad road and another is via Pune – Satara road.

Jenny @ necklace point

This time we went there along with my biking club “Avenger Motorcycle Club – Pune” and all my biking friends were also very excited to see the dog box and meet Jenny over the ride. We started early morning at 6:30 am and reached the place by 9:00 am. We got a little late due to the big biking group but distance can be easily covered in 1:30 hours by bike or car. Roads are not bad and there is no off-roading, it’s a complete road till the scenic view.

Jenny at Necklace point

There are many Bollywood and Marathi films which have been shot at this location. This is a place where you can go for nice photography, can also get a chance to see peacocks and different birds. If you are travelling with family, carry plenty of water and food as you will be tempted to spend an entire day in the lap of nature. You can also park your vehicle closeby and go for hiking as well.

Flower near bhor
The Avenger Motorcycle Club Squad
The Avenger Motorcycle Club Squad
Rose near Bhor

You can also go to Bhoreshwar temple, which is near to necklace point. It’s a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is carved out of stone with a huge Nandi Idol. Other areas of interest are in Bhor area – Kalubai Mandir Jogwadi, Bhatghar Dam, and Ketkawale Balaji temple. If you are coming from Saswad road then you can cover Narayanpur temple as well. The temples attract many tourists throughout the year and are also very popular among the locals. The Kalbubai Mandir is said to be especially auspicious and people go there to seek blessings, making it an interesting tourist places near Pune.

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