DIY Soapnut Shampoo, Laundry and Dishwash

You can easily make your own cleaners with soapnut/reetha. Chemicals from store-bought detergents go down our drains and into our streams, rivers and oceans causing massive imbalances in the ecosystem.⁠ The recipe I am sharing today is really very old school, my mom remembers using soapnuts as cleansers as a child. So basically detergents, shampoos are just a few decades old.

Soapnuts are the berries of a Sapindus species tree that grow in subtropical to warm temperate areas and when soaked or boiled with water, produce an amazing natural soap. Which is absolutely natural, easy to make and chemical-free so good for our waterways. It would also help you to save tons of money and will reduce single plastic bottles which come with store-bought products. You can also refer to my DIY toothpaste recipe and DIY orange peel facewash recipe too.

This is a super easy procedure which uses zero energy and it is a recipe which is actually multi-purpose. 🙂

You just need two things here:

Soapnut and water, that’s it.

  • Soak a handful of soapnuts per litre of water for 2 days.
Soak Soapnuts in Water

Soak Soapnuts in Water

  • After 2 days, crush them with hands to get all the pulp in the water.
Crush Soaked Soapnut

Extract Soapnut Pulp after 2 Days

  • Strain to get rid off the outer shell.
  • And, voila! Use it as a natural shampoo, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, floor mopping and even giving your pooch a bath.
DIY Natural Soapnut Cleaner

My Batch in Reused Bottles for Shampoo, Laundry and Dishwashing! 🙂

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